Barricade Builder Mod for L4D2

bind "1" "prop_dynamic_create props_fortifications\concrete_barrier001_128_reference.mdl"
bind "2" "prop_dynamic_create props_crates\static_crate_40.mdl"
bind "3" "prop_dynamic_create props_doors\shackwall01.mdl"
bind "4" "prop_dynamic_create props_fortifications\barricade001_128_reference.mdl"
bind "7" "prop_dynamic_create props_swamp\ferry.mdl"
bind "6" "prop_dynamic_create props_exteriors\wood_stairs_120.mdl"
bind "5" "prop_dynamic_create props_urban\fence_cover001_128.mdl"
bind "8" "prop_dynamic_create props_vehicles\army_truck.mdl"
bind "9" "give gnome"
bind "mouse3" "noclip"
bind "b" "ent_rotate +22.5"
bind "n" "ent_rotate -22.5"
bind "z" "ent_remove"
bind "0" "give pain_pills;give katana;give rifle_m60;give sniper_military;give shotgun_spas;give defibrillator;give pipe_bomb;give molotov;give gascan;give upgradepack_explosive;give upgradepack_incendiary;give first_aid_kit;give smg_silenced;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT"
bind "v" "+zoom"
bind f1 "z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;"
bind f2 "z_spawn tank"
bind f3 "z_spawn witch"
bind f4 "director_panic_forever 1; director_force_panic_event; z_common_limit 150; z_spawn mobadrenaline_duration 15.0f"
bind f5 "give adrenaline;give adrenaline;give pain_pills;give pain_pills;give first_aid_kit;give first_aid_kit;give upgradepack_incendiary;give upgradepack_explosive;give defibrillator"
bind f6 "give pipe_bomb;give molotov;give gascan;give vomitjar"
bind f8 "give rifle_m60;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give sniper_military;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give shotgun_spas;give rifle_ak47;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give rifle_desert;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give smg_silenced;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT"
bind f7 "give machete;give frying_pan;give crowbar;give fireaxegive;give katana"
bind f12 "sv_cheats 0;sv_cheats 1"

Barricade Builder for L4D2 by Jeimuzu

Description: Left 4 Dead 2 wasn't as bad as some people expected it to be, but it lacked the ability to make barricades.. That's where this comes in. This mod simply binds a bunch of keys. (See below.) Keep in mind though, sv_cheats 1 must be active, and this will override certain binds you may have assigned to some keys.

Video1: Video2:

Download: Mirror:

Installation: Drop the folder "left 4 dead 2" into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\" or whatever directory Left 4 Dead 2 is installed at. It will ask to merge a folder; say yes. There is also a README included in the downloaded file for additional information and references.

Multiplayer Use: Valve has once again found a way to ruin people's fun by disabling sv_cheats 1. The simplest way around this is to go to the L4D2 menu and open console, type "map mapname" (apname is replaced by an actual map name) and then have a friend join via console using the command "connect IP:27015"

Replace "IP" with your actual IP if you are hosting. You can find out what your IP is by going to If you don't know how to host, then google "How to host in Left 4 Dead 2."

Keys and Functions: 1-9 = Barricading materials 0 = Give general items B = Rotates material you are looking at N = Rotates material you are looking at the other way Z = Removes material you are looking at (Don't use on friends, otherwise they have to rejoin the game.) F1-F4 = Spawn 10 zombies, spawn Tank, spawn Witch, Flood Mode. (Unlimited zombies.) F5-F8 = Support items, throw items, melee weapons, guns. F12 = Disable Flood Mode Mouse3 = Noclip V = Zoom with weapons

Notes: Unfortunately, Valve has removed a number of ways to create Radial Menus, the base of all barricade mods. (They love to ruin people's fun, don't they?) So instead, I've made this simple, and somewhat sad workaround for now..

Reguarding the M60: To use the M60 with damage, you must create a game with "map mapname" and then while in-game, use the EXACT command again. Upon using the M60, it will now have damage. I do not know why this fixes it, or why it doesn't have damage. If you want to use the hidden Counter Strike weapons as well, this method also works for them. Google Hidden L4D2 weapons if you don't know/want to know.

Normally, mouse3 is bound to +zoom, so I've switched zoom to "v" for now. If you don't like this, or if you would like to change any of the binds, simply go into "left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\cfg" inside this file and edit the "autoexec.cfg" file to your likings. The top three lines are for experimental purposes only, along with the Radial Menu addon. They aren't needed, but they also don't effect anything.

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  • Danix@Indonesia avatar
    Danix@Indonesia Offline
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    4 years ago:

    I used this script when I am playing the survival mode. It's freakin awesome!!!

  • Flappie134 avatar
    Flappie134 Offline
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    Member Joined 5 years ago
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    5 years ago:

    Ah really cool, thnx! But I want some differenct objects, is there a list or something were all objects are standing on?

  • ghjgdjgyd1 avatar
    ghjgdjgyd1 Offline
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    5 years ago:

    man now i cant join or create a game

  • MadGamerz104 avatar
    MadGamerz104 Offline
    177 points Ranked 14682nd
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    Member Joined 5 years ago
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    5 years ago:

    THX i had fun with it



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