Left 4 Dead 2

Magnum sound fix

	"channel"		"CHAN_WEAPON"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_95dB"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunfire/magnum_shoot.wav"

	"channel"		"CHAN_WEAPON"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_NORM"
	"volume"		"0.80,0.77"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunother/pistol_deploy_1.wav"

	"channel"		"CHAN_ITEM"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_NORM"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunother/pistol_clip_in_1.wav"

	"channel"		"CHAN_ITEM"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_NORM"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunother/pistol_clip_out_1.wav"

	"channel"		"CHAN_STATIC"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_NORM"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunother/pistol_clip_locked_1.wav"

	"channel"		"CHAN_ITEM"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_NORM"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunother/pistol_slideback_1.wav"

	"channel"		"CHAN_ITEM"
	"soundlevel"		"SNDLVL_NORM"
	"wave"		")weapons/magnum/gunother/pistol_slideforward_1.wav"

By default, Left 4 Dead 2's magnum uses the same reload sounds as the pistols. This script makes it use the reloads in the magnum folder. Custom sound scripts like this for L4D2 will only work on a per-map basis, which means that for every campaign in which you want to use this script, you must make a copy of it, named for example "c1m1_hotel_level_sounds.txt", for every level of that campaign and place them in the maps folder or pack them into the vpk. I've taken the liberty of uploading scripts for all of the default maps (minus Crash Course, I think).

Download from Skydrive


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    3 years ago:

    Sir, can you explain how to install this with more details? It's been 3 days I have been messing up with this script and I still don't know what went wrong. It doesn't work on the official campaign maps. =\

    I did everything you said above. I copied, renamed, and placed them on the /maps folder with the exact name of the map(s). Still no good.

    FYI, the script works on custom campaign. Just like you instructed, I repack those scripts into the vpk and put it as usual in the addon folder. The result is good: I can hear the magnum sounds.

    Oh, and what should I do if the custom map already have its own map_level_sounds.txt in it?

    EDIT: Ah heck, I finally solved my own problem. Just make the magnum mod into the highest priority in the addon list then the sounds will come out.

    Thank you for Urik_Kane for your tuts! gamebanana com/l4d2/tuts/10543

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