Left 4 Dead 2


[Details] v1.3
This addon replaces Rochelle with Zoey.

--Other versions-- Urban Camo Sexy Zoey

Nude Zoey skin UPDATED
(original author: Zaigo): Cantact me through PM if interested. Prefered pm subject: "Nude Zoey [Your nickname here]"
If you don't receive a response within 2 days: check my last online status first, then post a reminder in the same PM.

--Extras-- Default rochelle animations: Included under "Extras" in the archive Zoey Voice Replacement (uploaded by ddd) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZFXMXHDK

Note made by [Reapэr] (the 6th comment):
"Mod Note: This skin is legal! Ever since The Passing update, the Zoey model has been part of Left 4 Dead 2 and this is not a port."

All files (including icons and arms) is from L4D2 & the Passing dlc. This replacement should therefore NOT be considered "illegal". "left 4 dead 2\left4dead2" pak01_dir.vpk pak02_dir.vpk "left 4 dead 2\left4dead2_dlc1" pak01_dir.vpk

[Install instructions]
Simply Drag "ZoeyReplacement.vpk" to the "\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons" folder.

How to make it work
(!) Make sure you have add-on support installed, and that no other mods that alters Rochelle's apperance is activated, including other versions of this skin. The skin works in the following modes (as far as I know): -Single player -Multiplayer: *Campaign/other gamemodes (If you start an own server this way, or join a friend/person who has): 1. Select the gamemode 2. Choose "Play online" 3. Select "More serach options" 4. Create a game lobby 5. Edit game settings 6. Set server type to "Local server" (not to be confused with LAN server. You can also use "Best available dedicated") 7. Press "Back" 8. When you have selected the level and the other settings: "start the game" (!)You can also start your own dedicated server (and maybe join another dedicated servers who has this installed as well)

If you don't want to play so much with other characters, this works good for Zoey:

  1. Extract "Thirdperson.cfg" to "\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\cfg" (edit the file so it fits your taste)
  2. Edit this file with notepad++ or similar: "config.cfg" it's also located in "\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\cfg"
  3. Add the following line among the other keybindings: bind "v" "exec Thirdperson"
  4. Replace "v" with a key of your choice

example: bind "F5" "exec Thirdperson" bind "a" "+moveleft" bind "c" "+voicerecord" bind "d" "+moveright" bind "e" "+use" bind "f" "impulse 100"

  1. You may have to make the file "read only" if the game keeps reseting the bindings. (remember to change it back before adjusting settings in-game)
  2. Press V while playing (or as the example shows F5) to enter and exit thirdperson mode.

(!)Since thirdperson mode isn't intended for this game you'll experience some bugs.

Download 12 mb

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  • Vampyrath avatar
    Vampyrath Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Does this work with custom skins?

  • >>V3<< TokyoShota avatar
    >>V3<< TokyoShota Offline
    1,152 points Ranked 3364th
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Hey. I know this skin is kinda old, and you might not see this comment, but, could you just make the Zoey voice mod a single .zip file? I have a Rochelle replacement I really love, it's just that Rochelle's voice doesn't go with her. Thanks!

    God, I'm such a fucking shota avatar
    User Title
    God, I'm such a fucking shota
  • Cpt. Joe avatar
    Cpt. Joe Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    @lionSpirit I tried to use the .vpk extrator but everytime i use it, it says its missing Package zoeyreplacement_32767.vpk then extrator crashes

  • lionSpirit avatar
    lionSpirit Offline
    881 points Ranked 4339th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    @Cpt. Joe I dont think that it would do any difference. But you can try to use a .vpk extractor to unpack all files to their corresponding folder stucture.

    The cake is not a lie...
  • Cpt. Joe avatar
    Cpt. Joe Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Can there be a file where u manually install it into ur files so u dont have to rely on addons to work all the time? So i dont have to use local server or hope that the server suports addons

  • lionSpirit avatar
    lionSpirit Offline
    881 points Ranked 4339th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    @XlzQwerty1 Because of a particular "skin critic", whose opinion apperantly is worth more than other members...

    The cake is not a lie...
  • XlzQwerty1 avatar
    XlzQwerty1 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    Pros: All valve Notes: How could this get a low rating?


    XlzQwerty1 =D
  • Caeser avatar
    Caeser Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Pros: "Great Job People!" Cons: None Improvements: None that I can think of


    Ay' What's Up?
  • lionSpirit avatar
    lionSpirit Offline
    881 points Ranked 4339th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    @Ceral4d First of all you need to know what a .rar file is. It's an archive in which you compress files. To open it you have to get a program to uncompress it, for instance WinRar. The .vpk is inside the file, since we're not allowed to upload a .vpk directly.

    The cake is not a lie...
  • Ceral4d avatar
    Ceral4d Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    can you make this a vpk? all i can download it for is a rar file



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Key Authors
Compiling, tweaking and fixing
Original Authors


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lionSpirit Offline
881 points Ranked 4339th
Member Joined 5 years ago




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Expert+++ 9 to 10 30
Expert++ 9 to 10 20
Expert+ 9 to 10 10
Expert 9 to 10 5
Intermediate+ 8 to 8.99 3
Intermediate 7 to 7.99 3
Beginner+ 6 to 6.99 2
Beginner 5 to 5.99 2
Beginner- 0 to 4.99 2


Model Class
Custom Model
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Date Added
5 years ago
Date Modified
4 years ago


[Major bugs]
-Floating animations on servers with "official server" as server type.

Nude zoey -Lip movements while talking is missing.

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