Left 4 Dead 2

L4D2 Repacking models into .vpk problem

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L4D2 Repacking models into .vpk problem

customs models become invisible after repacking

I have a mod in l4d2 which changes one of the survivors models, it works fine but I don't like the texture and want to change it so I extracted the .vpk with GCFScape and edited the skin using photoshop. The problem starts as I try to repackage the mod back into a .vpk, I use the vpk.exe inside the bin folder of L4D and when I load the game and tick the add-on there is no model (or invisible).

Note: I noticed that in the new .vpk that files with the extension (.dx90.vtx) and (.dx80.vtx) are not there whereas they appear in the original .vpk.

I'm not sure if starting a thread was the right thing to do but I've never needed help like this before so this is my first thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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