Add SourceMod to a local server

[title]How to add SourceMod to a local server in Left 4 Dead 2.[/title]

[subtitle]Hello, i am going to show you how to add SourceMod to a local server, don't be too harsh, it's my first tutorial :D[/subtitle]

Let's begin:

First of all, go to</a> and download the newest one in development branch for your OS ( I just recommend downloading the newest one :p ) :


Unzip and copy-paste the 'addons' folder in your 'Steam/Steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2' folder :


Go to</a> , in the dropdown box choose Left 4 Dead 2 and click 'Generate metamod.vdf' :


Put the metamod.vdf file in your 'Steam/Steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/addons' folder :


Go to</a> and download the newest one in development branch :


Unzip and copy-paste the 'addons' and 'cfg' in your 'Steam/Steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2' folder, if you open your 'addons' or 'cfg' folder now you should see 'sourcemod' folder in it :


Now open admins_simple.ini located in your 'Steam/Steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/addons/sourcemod/configs' folder with notepad or a similar program and at the bottom you can see a list of examples :


Beneath the examples type in "YOURSTEAMID" "99:z" and you have full admin : [img][/img]

More information about adding admins here :

[u][b]Hope it helped!!![/b][/u]

[u]If you have any questions ask me on Steam : really2cool or post a comment![/u]

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